D. Thejani Himalika Fernando

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Henkel
Oana Graur

Time frame:
Spring 2013






In this research, we have investigated the performance of using an adaptive NLMS filter to cancel impulse noise on powerlines. Using 930 impulses from various sources, which had measured and collected between the live-neutral channel (LN) and neutral-earth channel (NE) of the powerline, we have simulated our proposed adaptive algorithm. Different cancellation results have been obtained via changing the nature of the input to the canceler by processing the collected signals in many ways such as down-sampling and interpolating the originally measured powerline signal. In order to make the decision to use the adaptive NLMS algorithm for cancellation, first we studied the correlation between the LN and NE channels and then used the NE channel to estimate the noise on LN channel using our adaptive NLMS filter. Finally, by subtracting the estimated signal by LN channel signal, the cancellation results were obtained.

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    [Report] Cancellation of impulse noise on power lines


Status: Completed