Guftaar Ahmad Sardar Sidhu

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Henkel, Neele von Deetzen

Time frame:
Spring 2006






The distance spectrum of an (n,k)-convolutional code is given by a transfer function T(W,D,L). where W,D,L represent the input weight, the output weight, and the length of the sequence, respectively.
The task was to implement a function in MATLAB which generates the distance spectrum of a given convolutional code up to a certain length. Given is the length of the longest paths to be considered as well as the trellis structure of the code.
Furthermore, the concept was applied to networking problems, where the connection between two network nodes may be described by QoS parameters like delay (additive), delay jitter (additive), erasure/packet-loss probability (multiplicative), error probability (multiplicative), bandwidth/capaciy/throughput (nonlinear), amount of congested traffic (additive), connection set-up time (additive), price (additive), security (multiplicative ?). In a first step, the transfer function was applied to describe possible paths specified by delay and delay jitter.

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    [Report] Computation of the distance spectrum of convolutional codes and the delay spectrum of a network


Status: Completed