David Kronmüller

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Henkel, Neele von Deetzen

Time frame:
Spring 2008






The demand for higher communication data rates is immense in the era of high quality multimedia content. The issue at hand is to increase data transfer rates while improving error tolerance lev- els. Turbo codes unleashed a research renaissance on near Shannon-limit codes, where formerly no significant improvements had been achieved. Unequal Error Protection (UEP) optimizes the already powerful channel code by distinguishing importance levels of individual data blocks. This paper shall investigate interleaving, a key feature behind the secret of Turbo coding’s exceptional performance. An interleaver provides bit-permutation designed to ensure deterministic randomness. Whereas most Turbo code interleavers act block-wise, a relaxed structure may enhance UEP coding by smoothing content value-differences across neighboring block boundaries, thus creating an average bit error rate. This paper focuses on the implementation and design of such a relaxed block interleaver and investigates resulting performance implications.

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    [Thesis] Construction and Performance Evaluation of Relaxed Block Interleavers for Unequal Error Protection Turbo Codes


Status: Completed