Thejani Himalika Fernando

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Henkel

Time frame:
Fall 2012






We designed and constructed a suitable circuit for detecting and measuring the power line impulse noise which appears between live and neutral lines as well as between neutral and earth lines. Our study also involved in measuring the characteristic impedance over two different types of power line cables differ in cable diameters using the network analyzer, over the range of frequencies starting from 9kHz to 30MHz. The constructed PCB has the ability to observe the impulse noise over the two considered channels of power line within a wide frequency spectrum of around 50kHz – 15MHz through an oscilloscope. Using the circuit we studied the impulse noise segments from different sources mainly of house hold appliances, and have plotted them using MATLAB for future analysis. Apart from that, we also modified an existing circuit for measuring impulse noise in twisted pair communication systems in a wide frequency spectrum. The Eagle software was used to design the schematic diagram and PCB layout of the measurement circuit.

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    [Report] Impulse noise on twisted pairs and power lines (recording circuit designs and first measurement results)


Status: Completed