Michael Steinmann, Holger Mehrholz

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Henkel

Time frame:
02/24/2003 – 04/24/2003




Description:In the Studienarbeit a safe web environment is to be provided, which exhibits the following outlined characteristics.

As contents of the associated Web environment, sites are to be written, which describe the area and activities and
additionally provide tools for the simple integration of special contents for students and others. These contents are:

  •   Personalia (CVs)
  •   Main research topics
  •   Publications
  •   Co-operation with other institutes and companies
  •   Links to important partner-institutions
  •   Master thesis offerings
  •   Current thesis infos (type, topic, description, funding) type={postdoc, Ph.D.,
  •   Diploma thesis, Master thesis, (Studienarbeit)}
  •   Former thesis reports (type, topic, description, funding, reports(origin, files))
  •   Lecture titles and short description (open), lecture notes (with password protection)
  •   Interactive contents (first: calculation-tool for the error probability of RS codes))
  •   Important links to standardization bodies (ETSI, ANSI, ITU-T, ATM forum, IAB,…)
  •   Important links to research contents/literature search (xdsl.ftw.at, John Cioffi’s  homepage to xDSL, sites on Turbo codes, IEEEXplore,…)
  •   Advertisements and job offerings

Text contents are provided by the advisor. Also the RS computation tool will be developed cooperatively.

All sides should be bilingual with a preselection possibility on the index side. The design shall be adapted to the general design of Hochschule Bremen.

Regarding security issues: The access from the Internet shall only be possible by ssh or scp. A firewall should be provided and recognize unauthorized attempts..

A computer with Suse Linux 8.1 will be provided. The network setup is part of the project.

  • +Documents

    [P1] Bericht

    Installation eines Apache-Servers mit Web-Umgebung und Berechnungstool für Reed-Solomon-Codes

    [P2] Anhang

    Verzeichnis- und Dateistruktur; Anordnung der Frames; Administration der Webseiten; Interaktive Berechung von Reed-Solomon-Bitfehlerwahrscheinlichkeiten; Administration eines Apache-Servers