Networks & Protocols

  • OSIThe “Networks & Protocols” course aims at introducing fundamental networking concepts, familiarize the students with topologies and network architecture design, as well as discussing currently deployed Internet protocols and surveying current topics in research and development in the field of networking.
    1. Fundamental Concepts
    2. Reference Models: OSI vs. TCP/IP
    3. Physical Layer:  TDM, FDM, CDM, Frequency-Hopping, DSSS, synchronization
    4. Data Link Layer: Framing, error control, flow control
    5. Network Layer: IPv4, IPv6, subnetting, distance vector vs. link state routing, OSPF, BGP, ICMP, DHCP
    6. Transport Layer: TCP, UDP, congestion control, DTN
    7. Application: DNS, SMTP, MIME, IMAP, HTTP
    8. Security: ciphers, one-time pads, PGP, Diffie-Hellman, Firewalls, TOR
    9. Emerging Technologies: Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Satellite Communications


    Instructor: Oana Graur

    The Networks & Protocols course is available to Hochschule Bremen students only.





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