Attiya Mahmood

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (partial)
School of Engineering and Science
Jacobs University Bremen



Curriculum Vitae

Attiya Mahmood was born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. She received her Bachelor degree from the Department of Computer Engineering of University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan in 2007. Afterwards, she did her Master in Computer Engineering from National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan in 2009. From June 2009 till December 2011, she was acting as a Lecturer at Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad, where she taught courses on digital communication and digital design and supervised various undergraduate theses. She joined Transmission Systems group at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany in January 2012 to pursue her PhD studies. Her research interests are error protection, channel modeling, and source coding aspects of the genome.

Attiya is currently investigating the impacts of antenna’s mutual coupling on physical-layer security. The idea is to design the network model of MIMO communication system by considering the antenna’s input impedances and non-linear RF components and then to derive the mutual information expressions used for physical-layer security methods.


  1. Attiya Mahmood, Werner Henkel (2013): Codon Based Distance Matrix using Modified Empirical Codon Mutation Matrix. Meeting on Gene Regulation and Information Theory, ITG-Fachgruppe "Bio-Informationstheorie", Halle, Germany, 2013.
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