Dr. Fangning Hu

Lecturer in Electrical Engineering
School of Engineering and Science
Jacobs University Bremen

School of Telecommunication Engineering
HangZhou DianZi University (HDU), China

E-Mail: f.hu@jacobs-university.de
Tel: +49 421 200-3139
Fax: +49 421 200-3103
Office: Research I, Room 93


Curriculum Vitae

Fangning Hu was born in Hangzhou, China. She received her Bachelor degree from the Department of Electrical Engineering of Zhejiang University of China. In 2000, she was granted a scholarship from DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst) and pursued her master studies in Duisburg, Germany. From July, 2002 to December, 2002 she did her master thesis at Technical University of Munich (TUM). After finalizing her master thesis, she received the master degree from the department of Information and Communication of Gerhard-Mercator Unversity, Duisburg. Thereafter, she worked as a research assistant at TUM in the area of machine learning, specificly, support vector machine and image processing. In May 2004, she began her Ph.D. studies at Jacobs University Bremen and finished her Ph.D. in August 2008. She continued research as a postdoc (research associate) in the area of iterative decoding of Turbo and LDPC codes and Analog (DFT) Codes, OFDM/DMT systems, and signal processing.

She was a lecturer at the School of Telecommunication Engineering of HangZhou DianZi University, China and is currently teaching the Digital Signal Processing and Communications Lab at Jacobs University.




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  4. Fangning Hu (2008): Analog Codes for Analysis of Iterative Decoding and Impulse Noise Correction. Jacobs University Bremen, Shaker Verlag, 2008, ISBN: 9783832279721.
  5. Fangning Hu, Werner Henkel (2007): An Analysis of the Sum-Product Decoding of Analog Compound Codes. 2007 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT 2007), Nice, France, 2007.
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  7. Fangning Hu, Werner Henkel (2005): Turbo-like iterative least-squares decoding of analogue codes. In: Electronics Letters, 41 (22), pp. 1233-1234, 2005, (Note: Original file available for download - errors in printed version).
  8. Werner Henkel, Fangning Hu (2005): OFDM and Analog RS/BCH Codes. OFDM-Workshop, Hamburg, Germany, 2005.





Academic Experience

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