Ahmed Elshahed

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Henkel
Dr. Khodr Saaifan

Time frame:
Spring 2016






In this thesis, we consider the interference cancellation problem for the broadband digital aeronautical communication system. We investigate the L-band digital aeronautical communication system (L-DACS) in the presence of distance measuring equipment (DME) interference. First, we describe the OFDM receiver of the LDACS1. In addition, we discuss the impacts of the DME spectrum on the subcarriers of the L-DACS1. Then, we briefly point out the mitigation methods for canceling the effects of DME interference signals. To model the impacts of DME interference at the L-DACS1 receiver, we adopt a Gaussian mixture (GM) model for impulse noise superimposed to additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN). Thus, we obtain the statistical parameters of the GM model in terms of the energy and duration of DME pulses. Based on this modeling, we introduce a receiver optimization step of the L-DACS1 in the presence of DME interference. Herewith, we realize the optimum detector of OFDM systems in GM noise to cancel out the effect of DME interference.


Status: Completed