Eduroam on Windows 7 / How to connect

  • How to connect to eduroam on Windows 7
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    How to connect to eduroam on Windows 7

      1. open the Network and Sharing Center by right clicking on the network icon in the task bar
      2. click on Manage wireless networks
      3. click Add for a new wireless network eduroam_windows3
      4. click on Manually create a network profile eduroam_windows4
      5. enter eduroam for Network name, select WPA2-Enterprise as Security type and AES as Encryption type, then click Nexteduroam_windows5
      6. click on Change connection settings eduroam_windows6
      7. in the Security tab click Settings to change PEAP settings eduroam_windows7
      8. enable the checkbox Validate server certificate ;
        in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities select box select Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2;
        click on Configure to change the authentication method settings for EAP-MSCHAP v2 eduroam_windows8
      9. unselect the check box to automatically use the Windows logon name and password ;
        click OK to close the window;  click OK in the Protected EAP Properties window to close it eduroam_windows9
      10. in the eduroam Wireless Network Properties window click on Advanced settings eduroam_windows10
      11. select the Specify authentication mode check box
        select User authentication from the available authentication modes
        click on OK to close the window
        click on OK in the eduroam Wireless Network Properties window to close it eduroam_windows11
      12. click on the balloon popping up on the lower side of your screen eduroam_windows12
      13. if the balloon disappeared before you manage to click on it, click on the Network icon in the task bar, right click on eduroam and select Properties eduroam_windows13
      14. in the Connection tab, deselect Connect automatically when this network is in range, click OK eduroam_windows14
      15. repeat the previous step, but this time selecting the box that you just previously deselected; this will bring the notification balloon back; click on it
      16. now you can finally type in your CampusNet username with the Jacobs domain appended (e.g.,, and your CampusNet password, as below eduroam_windows15
      17. that’s it!