VPN Access / Jacobs University VPN

  • VPN access is necessary to gain access to library resources and Jacobs network drives. The Jacobs IT department provides the following screencasts for further details on installation:

    Installation screencast for MS Windows
    Installation screencast for MacOS X 10.6+
    Installation screencast for Linux

      1. go to https://vpnasa.jacobs-university.de
      2. log in with your Campusnet account
      3. users of Internet Explorer on MS Windows: add the URL https://vpnasa.jacobs-university.de to the list of Trusted Sites.
      4. you find that in “Internet Options” – “Security” tab – “Trusted Sites” – “Sites” – “Add
      5. click on “AnyConnect” and “Start AnyConnect” and follow the instructions of the installer
      6. Linux users need to open a terminal , cd to the path where the script is saved and type
        sh ./vpnsetup.sh
      7. after installation of the AnyConnect client, a new icon shows up in the notification bar
      8. click that, select connect, enter your CampusNet credentials
      9. your computer is within Jacobs University’s network until you click the icon again and disconnect

    Usage Example

    Access to file server resource would be


    The user name for login would be jacobs\username