Basic Electrical Circuit Analysis (300902)

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    Course Instructor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Henkel,
     Dr. Khodr Saaifan

    Lab Instructor:  Oana Graur

    Students who complete this course will master the methods of analyzing linear electric circuits through the use of the basic laws of electrical engineering starting with Kirchhoff’s laws and ideal circuit element models. Methods of analysis of circuits taught include node voltage and mesh current methods, superposition, and Thevenin/Norton transformations. These methods are first developed with resistive circuits and applied under DC conditions. Transients in first-order circuits are analyzed through the use of differential equations. After a description of the representation of sinusoidal waveforms by phasors, the methods developed earlier are used to study and analyze AC circuits. The theory of the electrical transformer is explained, and the next objective is to apply the laws of circuits to electric power systems. The concept of phasor power and its constituents, and the importance of power factor are taught.

    Lecture at Jacobs University. [Campusnet link]

    This course is for Lafayette students only.


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  • Lab Instructor: Oana Graur

    Course Instructor: Dr. Khodr Saaifan

    By the end of the lab course students should have hands-on experience in designing basic circuits containing components such as resistors, capacitors, operational amplifiers, AC to DC converters, and filters. Along with using lab testing equipment such as multimeters (DMMs), function generators, dual-channel oscilloscopes, students will also be introduced to the LTSpice software simulation platform. The full syllabus is given below:

    • Lab Test Equipment and Oscilloscope Theory cover_multi
    • Voltage Divider and Current Divider Designs
    • LTSpice Computer Simulation Software
    • Operational Amplifiers: DC Levels
    • Operational Amplifiers: AC Signals
    • First-Order Natural Response
    • Step and Pulse Response of First-Order Circuits
    • Sinusoidal Response
    • Active Filters
    • Real and Complex Power


    Grading Scheme

    The lab grade represents 20 % of your final grade for the “Basic Electrical Circuits Analysis” course. There will be a total of 4 quizzes (5% of the final grade each), every one of them covering approximately two lab experiments.

    Lab at Jacobs University. [Campusnet link]

    This lab is for Lafayette students only.

  • Lab Instructor:  Oana Graur

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