Coding Theory

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    Instructor:  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Henkel

    Error correcting codes (convolutional codes, block codes, Turbo codes, LDPC codes, etc.) play an essential role in modern digital high data-rate transmission systems. They are part of almost every modern communication and storage/recording device, like your CD player, your DSL home Internet access, and your mobile phone, to name just a few. This course will focus on theory, construction, and algorithms for error correcting codes, and will highlight the application in communication systems. For modern communications, coding knowledge is a must.

    Lecture at Jacobs University [Campusnet link] and Hochschule Bremen.




    •  Convolutional codes basics
    •  Viterbi, Sova, and BCJR algorythms
    •  Sequential decoding
    •  Ungerböck’s Trellis-Coded modulation
    •  Trellis shaping
    •  Introduction to discrete algebra
    •  Reed-Solomon codes
    •  Decoding as an interpolation problem and derivation of the key equation
    •  Berlekamp-Massey algorithm
    •  Euclidean algorithm
    •  BCH codes
    •  Construction of long codes from short, Turbo and LDPC codes
    •  Error probabilities and bounds
    •  Trellises of block codes
    •  Multi-level codes
    •  An introduction to lattices
    •  Block-oriented shaping (shell mapping)

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