Signals and Systems Lab

  • Signals and Systems Lab

    Instructors:  Uwe Pagel, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Henkel

    The concepts of signal and systems will be applied throughout the lab course by experimental and simulation means. The lab course is offered in conjunction with the course on Signals and Systems. The concepts of signals and systems are generic and applications can be found in several areas like communications, speech and image processing, or process control. The goal of the lab is to apply these concepts by a combined approach of experiments and simulations. The experiments will provide the students with practical experience and allow the students to relate the experiments to signals and systems theory. Topics: Step response of RLC circuits, filters (RLC circuits), Fourier transform and Fourier series, sampling, digital filters, modulation, control experiment.


  • Experiments

    1. RLC-Circuits – Transient Response
    2. RLC-Circuits – Frequency Response
    3. Fourier Series and Fourier Transform
    4. Sampling
    5. AM Modulation
    6. FM Modulation

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