Medion   DIGITAL CAMERAStudent: 

Behrouz Touri

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Henkel

Time frame:
Spring 2007






In this project, our objective was to study the channel response of water filled ducts. Our motivation to do such a project was to see the possibilities of information transmission using water-filled pipes. Since water pipes are frequently used in almost all houses and factories, then the possibility of ultrasound transmission using those media will lead to many application such as central energy consumption monitoring in big houses, control of the valves or flows in factories or … In this project, we first theoretically studied the propagation of ultrasound waves through water and water pipes and then investigated the wave propagation through a real water filled pipe. Then, we tried to explain the differences between both results.

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    touri_semester The Acoustical Channel: the Transfer Function of Water Pipes


Status: Completed