Ahsan Javed

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Henkel

Time frame:
Spring 2013






Key reconciliation techniques are employed to discard the effect of uncorrelated noise present at the communicating nodes of a reciprocal channel. Under a direct line-of-sight scenario, to randomize the channel, one of the communicating nodes shall be equipped with a RECAP antenna. The Linde-Buzo-Gray vector quantization is employed to the measured data, to support key generation. To eliminate the effect of statistically independent noise, a guard-band key reconciliation technique is adopted along the Voronoi thresholds. The constructed guard-band regions mark the validity of the respective keys, where all keys lying within the guard-band regions are discarded. Thus, the system generates only valid keys lying outside the guard-band region, to ensure less communication errors.


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    [Report] Variable Guard Band Construction – A Matrix Based Approach


Status: Completed